REPAIRS: Western & English Blankets, Strap Goods.

Your equipment is critical to the safety and comfort of both you and your horse. Properly selected and maintained tack ensures that you have the tools to communicate with your horse and to be comfortable while you are riding.


Weak or rotten leather, loose fasteners and buckles, broken girth strings, or other accidents-waiting-to-happen can be avoided with proper maintenance and repair of your gear. Roughout seats and fenders that have become slick with wear can be re-roughened, leathers and woolskins can be replaced and broken stitching is easily repaired.


We believe in using the right materials as well as the right techniques. There are many types of leather and finishes, and each one is best suited to a particular use. We maintain an inventory of quality materials and we buy from suppliers who can provide us with additional material in short order.


We offer a superior saddle cleaning and conditioning service, as well as extensive blanket repair service.


Our goal is to repair your gear to equal the quality of the original product. We'll give you an estimate at the outset, and we'll be in touch if anything changes once we start work. Call or email us to discuss your needs.


We use the appropriate leather products for normal cleaning and conditioning of leather. The products are non-greasy, apply and clean up easily and no water is required. We also offer leather products for sale.