Fiberglass Fabrication & Repair:

Fiberglass and gelcoat experts at Gulf Liner Marine are trained and have the experience and talent to fabricate new parts or repair damaged areas on your boat. Our on-staff, skilled professionals can rebuild your boat to its original strength and cosmetic appearance. We provide complete blister and bottom relamination services, infused hull repair services, complete core replacements as well as offering free consulting and moisture tests on fiberglass surfaces. Ready to learn more about our fiberglass and gelcoat repair services? Contact us today.


We have earned an excellent reputation for performing boat fiberglass repair and fabrication. The key to quality marine fiberglass work is preparation and quality materials. With over 23 years of marine fiberglass experience, Gulf Liner Marine produces consistent high quality.

We work with manufacturer reps constantly to stay abreast of the newest marine fiberglass products and processes. The combination of high technology materials, extensive preparation and years of experience results in high quality & competitively priced services for our customers.

Whether it's a scratch, a crack, a hole or a major refabrication, Gulf Liner Marine fiberglass experience will satisfy any of your needs.