Air Conditioning Service & Repair:

Auto air conditioning is a critical component of a comfortable car ride. If it breaks down in Florida weather, you may find yourself scrambling for a fast and convenient auto air conditioning repair service. It's a good thing Nathan's Automotive Shop has got you covered. Some of the most common problems that warrant auto air conditioning repairs are:

  • Lack of sufficient refrigerant. This is usually caused by a leak.
  • Electrical problems causing the compressor or the fan to malfunction, sometimes caused by a failed sensor or the onboard computer.
  • Improper refrigerant charge, where the mixture of refrigerant liquid to oil is out proportion.

If you notice your air conditioning system is not blowing as cold as it should, or if there's any other problems, bring your vehicle to our location.


You can also schedule an appointment to have one of our skilled technicians decide if our auto air conditioning repair service is right for you. We always recommend regular maintenance in order to avoid future repairs. One way to keep your A/C in top condition is to have your vehicle serviced with our air conditioning performance services.

Air Conditioning Performance Service

  • Inspect vehicles hose fittings & compressor
  • Perform system leak test
  • Adjust A/C belt
  • Run performance test
  • Add refrigerant (includes up to 1/2 lb. R-134a)
  • Our auto air conditioning repair can include the following components:
  • A/C Compressor
  • A/C Condenser
  • Evaporator
  • Expansion Valve
  • Receiver Dryer
  • Temperature sensors